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Procedure, Cost and Safety of a Tummy Tuck In New Orleans

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According to data from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, tummy tuck in New Orleans surgery is the third most common plastic surgery procedure in the United States. (http://www.surgery.org/media/news-releases/american-society-for-aesthetic-plastic-surgery-reports-more-than-135-billion-spent-for-the-first-time-ever) Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a surgical procedure aimed at flattening the stomach by removing excess fat and skin while also tightening abdominal muscles.
An abdominoplasty is often ideal for individuals who have an excessively flabby stomach that cannot flatten with diet or exercise. This is usually the case after a pregnancy or massive weight loss. A tummy tuck is generally considered safe with few risks. But to ensure safety, it is highly recommended that you get the procedure done by an experienced and certified plastic surgeon. Having the right expert for the procedure also increases the chances of a successful surgery.
In this plastic surgeon New Orleans guide, we take a look at various aspects of the procedure including the different options available, risks associated with it, recovery and average costs.

Best Candidates for a Tummy Tuck

You simply cannot wake up one day and decide to have a tummy tuck. You have to be the right candidate for the surgery. A talk with a plastic surgeon will give you an idea of who should seek abdominoplasty and whether you fit that description.

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There are two main groups of people who are ideal candidates for a tummy tuck. They are;

1. Women who want to get rid of a flabby abdomen after a pregnancy. For some women, exercise and dieting fails to get the abdomen back to its normal size and shape after the bulge of being with child. A New Orleans Liposuction can help get rid of the flabbiness by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles under your stomach.
2. Men and women who were once obese but have now lost weight. Such massive weight loss tends to leave areas of flabbiness around the midsection. In many cases, only plastic surgery can resolve this problem.

You may be in one of the above 2 categories but there are still other important requirements to check off before passing as an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck. They include;

• Be in good general health. This not only applies to a tummy tuck but also to many other types of plastic surgeries. Being in good health reduces the risk of something going wrong. People with problems such as high blood pressure or heart disease stand a much greater risk of complications.
• You have achieved your ideal weight. The procedure is not recommended for currently overweight or obese individuals. Only go for it if your weight is stable and you plan on maintaining it there.
• You are completely sure of your decision. If you are still unsure whether to go ahead with the tummy tuck, seek advice first. A plastic surgeon and your general practitioner can help you decide whether this is the right option for you.

Worst Candidates for a Laser Liposuction New Orleans

• Smokers. Surgeons will go as far as requiring potential patients abstain from smoking for a month or longer prior to the surgery and for a long period after. This is because smoking causes a drastic lag in the healing process and increases the risk of complications developing during or after the procedure.
• Those planning to lose a lot of weight later. Understand that a Liposuction in New Orleans is not an alternative to weight loss. It is not a weight loss method. It should only be used when no other method has succeeded in dealing with a flabby abdomen. In fact, if you are a bit overweight, the surgeon might recommend that you slim down first before an abdominoplasty can be performed.
• Those intending to get pregnant again. Do not go for a tummy tuck if you are planning to get another child. The problem with additional pregnancies after a tummy tuck is that they tend to separate the tightened abdominal muscles. This can cause the flabbiness to come back or increase the risk of complications. Only opt for a post-pregnancy tummy tuck if you are absolutely sure that that was your final pregnancy.
• Major existing health issues. Certain health problems like existing abdominal scars from previous surgeries can affect your candidacy for the procedure. If you have a major health issue such as diabetes, make sure you consult your doctor first. Some health complications can present major surgery risks.
• Those who are obese or overweight. As we have already mentioned, a Liposuction New Orleans is not a weight loss method. If you are overweight and want a tummy tuck, you must first achieve a stable healthy weight.

Preparing for a Tummy Tuck

The pre-surgery preparation is just as important as the procedure itself. How well prepared you are goes a great length in determining the surgery’s success. The first step is of course to select the right surgeon to carry out the procedure. Factors such as education, certification and experience should weigh heavily on your selection process.
After you have found a certified plastic surgeon, he will give you proper preparation advice. Here are some of the things you need to know.

• Stop smoking at least a month before the procedure. Some surgeons will even suggest a non-smoking period of up to 6 weeks. As we mentioned, the reason for this is the negative effect smoking has on the healing process and the increased risk of complications.
• Achieve the set weight level. You may be asked to follow a specific diet and exercise routine that brings down your weight to a certain point. This reduces risks associated with the procedure and ensures the best results.
• Inquire what medications you should stop taking for a period before and after the surgery. Such medications may include aspirin, herbal drugs and supplements. Certain medications can cause surgical complications or affect the healing process.
• Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated. Do not attempt drastic dietary plans that leave you malnourished. For a successful surgery and proper healing, you need to have a healthy strong body. Eating a balanced diet and staying well hydrated before and after the surgery is very important.
• Prepare for recovery. Unless a major complication comes up (which is rare), you are most likely going to do most of the recovery at your home. Prepare yourself and your home for that recovery period. The first thing is to find someone to take you to the surgery and back home. Also make sure that you have someone else in the house for the first day or two. Other things you should have at home include lose comfortable clothing, bathroom chair, hand held shower head, ice packs, paper towels, petroleum jelly and a digital thermometer.
• If you have kids, make sure that there is someone to take care of them during your recovery.

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Abdominoplasty New Orleans Procedures

The exact procedure for a plastic surgery new orleans will vary depending on the type of surgery being performed (to be discussed shortly). Generally, the procedure will involve you getting anesthetized first. The surgeon will then mark points where incisions will be made. The incisions will be different from one type of tummy tuck to another.
Incisions are made so as to reveal the abdominal muscles underneath. These muscles are tightened by the use of sutures. Excess fat can be removed using liposuction. Once all excess liquids have been drained, your skin is stretched over your now smaller abdomen. The excess skin is cut off.
Below are the different types of tummy tucks and how they differ in procedure.

1. Complete abdominoplasty

This is the most common form of tummy tuck performed. It involves completely opening up the abdominal are by making an incisions from one hip to the other slightly above the pubic area.
Complete abdominoplasty involves a comprehensive re-engineering of the abdomen. Muscles are tightened, fat is removed, excess skin is removed and a new hole of the navel is made on the skin. Due to its complexity, a complete tummy tuck can take up to five hours to finish. The recovery period is also longer and the costs associated with it are higher.
This option is ideal for people with extreme flabbiness such as those who were pregnant or obese.

2. Mini abdominoplasty

It is not as comprehensive as a complete tummy tuck. The incision made on the abdomen is much smaller. As with a complete tummy tuck, muscles are tightened, excess fat removed and skin tightened over the abdomen.
This procedure is ideal for individuals who have not experienced extreme flabbiness. If you flabbiness extends to just below your navel, and not to your pubic area, consider going for a mini tummy tuck rather than the complete one.

3. Extended abdominoplasty

This one is also referred to as a High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty. It involves a complete tummy tuck plus some work on the hips and upper thighs. This means that the incision made is much longer and a much bigger portion of the abdomen is exposed.
An extended tummy tuck is best if you have love handles or flabbiness in your hips and upper thighs. It can take as long as five hours to complete and is much more expensive than a mini abdominoplasty.

4. Circumferential abdominoplasty

As you can guess form the name, a Circumferential abdominoplasty involves an incision running around the body’s circumference. Essentially, it is an extended abdominoplasty plus a butt lift. It is ideal for those who also want some work done on their buttocks.
Other types of tummy tucks include the relatively new Floating Abdominoplasty and the lipotuck, which is a combination of liposuctions and a tummy tuck. After examining you and inquiring about your objectives a surgeon will advice you on the best option for you.


Recovery will vary depending on the type of tummy tuck you had. A mini abdominoplasty takes a shorter amount of time to recover than a complete tummy tuck. Your doctor will advice you on how long it will take for the tissue to heal and when you can return to normal activity. Generally, recovery time can range from one to six months.
The first month of recovery is the most crucial. Make sure that you are following all the instructions to the letter. Avoid strenuous work, especially lifting heavy objects. You may need to arrange for some time off work. If drains have been placed in your abdomen, your surgeon will advice you on when they will be removed.
Here are some things to expect during recovery;

• The anesthesia will start wearing off after a few hours, leaving you feeling a little dizzy, nauseated and disoriented. This is why it is important to have someone drive you home.

  • You will experience tenderness and pain to your abdominal area. Ice packs or bags of frozen peas can help reduce the soreness.
  • You will have a dressing on the incision site to keep it clean. You may also be given an elastic garment to support the healing skin and control swelling.
  • Depending on the sutures used, they will either dissolve on their own or you may need to go back to the hospital to get them removed.
  • Expect some bruising, redness and swelling to the incision area.
  • General tiredness in the first week or two.The side effects will start subsiding after the first few weeks, allowing you a greater range of movement. After a month or two, the incision will be greatly healed, but it may take several months for complete healing. Depending on the type of procedure you underwent, expect some scarring.

    Risks of Tummy Tucks

  • Major complications such as an infection are rare. Finding the right surgeon and following all pre and post surgery instructions can help avoid serious complications. Other rare issues include blood clots, insufficient healing requiring another surgery and bleeding under the skin.

    Liposuction New Orleans Costs

    As you would expect, liposuction New Orleans cost vary depending on the type of tummy tuck you have chosen. Complete and circumferential tummy tucks tends to be more expensive. Remember to factor in preparation and recovery costs. Also keep some money aside in the event a complication rises and you need major treatment.
    The Liposuction New Orleans prices specifically tummy tucks, in most of the United States is between $3,000 and $10,000. Talk to your surgeon to determine the exact costs for your procedure and any other related expenses.

Hopefully by now you have the knowledge and know what to expect on your trip before contact one of Tummy Tuck New Orleans Finder’s favorite surgeons in the area. Please use our contact page if you have any questions or help with anything and we will talk to you soon!

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